Kiss My Grass Lawn Care Policies:

*Cancellations or changes to your lawn care service(s) must be submitted through our "Contact US" tab above  prior to the Sunday before your scheduled service. 

*If written cancellation or change was not done prior to the Sunday before your scheduled service and you cancel upon our arrival, a $20.00 re-routing fee will be assessed.

*If no cancellation was made, and we complete services, your account will be charged for the full amount of the service provided.

* Payment is required for all services. Issues with service must be addressed within 48 hours so that  any corrections due to company error can be rectified.

*Any issues not addressed within this 48 hour time period will not be considered due to weather conditions, lawn growth, etc. and payment is expected in full.

"We service your outdoor needs."

Kiss My Grass Lawn Care